Access and experience gel nail polish and gel polish manicure, so what do you get and what do you have to trade? Now, one thing is for sure, girls are no stranger to the concept of nail polish and especially gel nail polish. This is a method of applying nail polish with gel color gel polish that is much longer lasting and durable and it gives a more shine when compared to regular nail polishes.

The Difference Between Gel Nail Removers Then and Now!

It keeps your hands beautiful and shiny for as little as 14 days to a month without having to worry about cracked and chipped nails when shampooing, washing clothes or washing dishes. However, gel polish manicure has its advantages as well as its disadvantages! Here are the basics that you should know about this manicure method and the new product line of gel color nail polish, which is soak off gel polish.

Why Are Gel Nails the Favorite Hand Beauty Manicure of the Girls?

Each set of gel nails can last for a month! After a gel polish manicure, you can freely live, do housework, wash your hair, wash dishes, without fear of peeling and chipping of the gel paint. This is a completely a wise choice whenever you want to create sustainable and beautiful beauty anytime, anywhere for your hands to prepare for long trips or important events and parties.

However, of course with this method, when the nails are long, you certainly cannot hide the new nail. When this mark is too obvious, it’s time to remove the gel nail polish to beautify your nails from scratch.

Why Is It Said That Gel Nail Polish Can Be Harmful to Nails?

Because gel nail polish is very durable and has high adhesion, it is difficult to peel off and takes a long time to peel off over time. Therefore, the process of cleaning gel polish is likened to “breaking the gel” because it is relatively difficult, after each nail is incubated with nail remover, if the nail gel color is still not peeled off, we need to use it. Use a nail drill to scrape the paint off. This will very easily cause damage to the surface of your nail and the skin around the nail, under the nail if you are not careful.

The Birth of the Product Line That Is Called “Soak off Gel Polish”

As mentioned above, the gel nail removal process is not easy and most often it is to go to professional salons and enjoy their services because gel nail polish is often difficult to remove successfully at home. Gel nails are usually very durable, are painted in many layers and are also protected by a hard coating on the outside.

Today, soak off gel polish was born and offers a much easier and more convenient experience. Soak-off gel nails are easier to remove than regular gel nails because they are applied with one or several thinner coats with modern technology, they still ensure complete coverage and adhesion on the nail surface. On the other hand, when they want to clean, they will easily soak off in a specialized gel nail remover.

Soak Off Gel Nail Remover

In fact, the soak off gel nail remover is very simple. You just need to carefully follow the three steps in the instructions below:

Step 1

Remove nail polish. Use nail polish remover to remove all the nail polish on the gel nail surface. Apply the polish remover evenly to your nails with a small cotton pad.

Step 2

 Soak your nails in an acetone-free nail polish remover to ensure your overall health. It is not advisable to use acetone sparingly because this type of product has a lot of harmful substances.

Step 3

Wait until the gel nail is soft and easy to remove, peel off the gel nail gently, from the outer edge to the center of the nail.

If you can’t buy a specialized gel polish remover, you can use 100% pure acetone (but it’s not as gentle as the regular ones). Use a cotton ball soaked in this solution, put it on the nail, then wrap your finger in foil, then you can use a cotton towel to wrap the whole hand to incubate, helping to paint quickly more melted.

Depending on the type of gel polish you use, this incubation process can take from 15 minutes to 1 hour. When the gel polish cracks or slips off on its own, use a rubber-tipped leather pusher to push it all out of the nail, never use a nail file to scrape it off. After that, use a nourishing oil (you can just use olive oil) to massage, restore moisture to the nails, help the nails not be brittle, limit the situation of scratches.

Final Thought

We have just introduced you to the advantages of soak off gel polish. These are gel nail polish removers that you can learn to apply without going to a beauty salon. You can easily do your own nails as well as fix them at home and thanks to that, you guys can save a lot of money!