Just like getting a tattoo, a session can be a significant experience for the artist as well. With the named artist, there comes some responsibility and excitement both at the same time. Every artist’s first tattoo can be a lifetime experience, and you want it to be perfect.

Making your client happy and give just the design that they want can cause a little stress sometimes. But don’t there are various ways by which you can polish your skills even more.

How to Do a Perfect Tattoo Design

The Very First Step

Just because you draw doesn’t allow you to be a tattoo artist; if you are serious about this profession, you need to acquire a certificate first.

In a college, school, or institute for learning tattoos, you will not only learn to do a tattoo on someone but the safety measures that you need to consider also.

A tattoo can be a critical thing to start with, as it can spread infection or cause many harms to your client if not taken care of properly.

Always remember your duty to give proper instructions to your clients about aftercare. Because if something happens then all your efforts will be wasted and the customer will be disheartened.

Now you know how important it is to attend a school and train under an experienced artist to gain as much knowledge as possible before going for the real thing.

How To Perfect Your Skill

The first thing that you need to consider is your skill of drawing. Although you can improve your quality of always drawing still, you need to have a fundamental capability. There are precise little details that you will be drawing on your customer that I am sure you don’t want to mess up their experience.

Practicing is what you need when you are trying to improve yourself. You can just draw on paper or different things. First, try with heavy pens before getting a hold of the tattoo machine. Then you can purchase somewhat cheap ones to start practice with.

Don’t think that you need to draw every time on your client. There is something called a tattoo stencil that you can use to get the perfect outline before doing the tattoo.

A tattoo stencil is like paper that you stick on your customer, and you will get a perfect outline. Then you can work on it with ease. Different designs are available in various places, but you can add your designs as well, which can bring uniqueness for the customer. You can consider purchasing a tattoo stencil printer if you want to have various designs available for the customer to choose from.

Learn About Tattoo Machines

Before purchasing a tattoo machine, you have to learn about all the machines first. Only then can you select the best one for you. Like I said earlier, you can at first go for some cheap ones to start practicing. Because going for an expensive one for the very first time may not be a wise choice. A different kind of machine represents a different kind of technique. Learn about them in advance. Also, gain knowledge about the power supply for tattoo machines because I hope you don’t want your tattoo machine to stop in the middle of your tattoo session.


I will say go for this profession only if you are passionate about it. When you are an artist, you have the opportunity in your hand to give a fantastic memory to your customer or give the tattoo that tells a story of them. You will get to know many people and their stories in this process, but you have to sit for a long time because some may need long sessions to complete.