When nail dip colors has been favorite to almost nail technicians in the US in particular and all over the world in general, a lot of questions has been asked. More information details about the powder dip, nail dip colors effects as possible what’s benefit in the nail industry, the advantages of using nail dip colors or dipping powder colors between gel polish color and the original paint. Let’s research about OPI powder dip and its special features.

OPI Dip Powder

Nowadays, the customers are not only very interested in beauty, from makeup, clothes, hair, shoes, but also take care of small details, plucking accessories are also carefully selected and dressed in the most thoughtful way. Beautiful nails are becoming more and more indispensable assistants of girls when hanging out, going to work or going to any events. It gives the ladies more confidence and contributes to the finishing touches to their luxurious outfits. That’s the reason why a lot of ladies all around the world care about “How beauty is good for health”. Selecting, purchasing and using the safe and good products is always a top requirement in getting strong and beautiful nail sets at nail salons.

So What is Nail Dip Color?

Many years ago, when the nail industry was not developed and cared as much as it is now. The nail technician just revolves around nail polish in more traditional and using gel nail polish is a new method. In addition to the advantages that have been evaluated by users and positive feedback, gel polish also has some disadvantages.

While regular nail polish often has many disadvantages such as easy peeling, yellowing of nails and making. As for gel polish, the color is beautiful and durable. However, due to its strong adhesion properties, it is more difficult to remove gel polish. Therefore, “break the gel” will damage, weaken and thin your natural nails if not handled properly and the operator is not experienced in breaking gel nails.

Then one day, grasping the weaknesses on the nail product manufacturers launched nail dip colors. Just appeared, but nail dip color has attracted the nail community and customers because of its advantages, nails of using dipping powders are strong and not getting yellow. The time to complete a set of nails with nail dip colors is very fast, it only takes about 30 minutes to complete a beautiful nail set. Dipping powder gradually asserts and becomes a new and strongly developed and popular trend of the nail industry.

Dipping Powder Market and Demand of Using?

In the US currently, dipping powder is used at many nail salons. It must be said that all small and large nail salons in all states in the US use dipping powders also known as nail dip colors, the customer and professional nail technicians’s feedbacks are extremely good. Because the benefits of dip powder bring not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of health. It does not affect the health of nail technicians and customers, easy to use and does not damage natural nails. Since then, the demand for nails with nail dip colors has also increased and become popular not only in the US but also in most developed and developing countries in the world.

OPI nail dip colors is the leading product in the trend of nail dip powder in recent years. As you know, OPI is a company specializing in providing products with extremely good quality in the nail industry, it is the most prestigious and famous brand in the world because of its long history of establishment and quality as well as design and variety in collections.

The Features of OPI Nail Dip Colors

OPI nail dip color allows for easy, quick and odor-free application of acrylic coatings. Combined with OPI nail polish color, customers can enjoy the shimmer and shine of the nail surface without drying under the LED lamp. Besides, OPI nail dip colors can be removed and removed easily with acetone. The set includes colors in 29 classic OPI colors, and each color includes a wide variety of shades. All customers from beginners to professional manicurists can easily access and experience OPI’s dip powder products. It is easy to use and consumer-friendly, does not harm the health of customers and especially it is the perfect choice for you when you want to have the most durable, beautiful and quality nails.

OPI dipping powder nails has pigment colors, you just need to dip 1-2 times to have a beautiful color like what you expected. Nails with OPI powder dip colors keep their shine for up to 1 month without peeling. Its nail dip color is extremely fine, does not harm nails and most of all, it also nourishes your natural nails, preventing and limiting nail breakage. OPI nail dip color is certified safe for health by the Ministry of Health and agencies in the USA.

Final Thought

Skillful workmanship and reasonable price cannot determine the success of every nail salon, but besides it needs to have a safe product element. When health is a top priority, customers will be ready to return to your salon again and again. Hopefully with the above suggestions, nail salons will be more confident in providing dipping powder nail services to their customers.