Love hearts but don’t want to appear too mushy? Well, you no longer have to wait for Valentine’s Day to rock on those cute sugary heart shapes on your nails because you don’t need special occasions to show the world that you are in love.

Nail Designs

Try these creative nail arts and show the world how happily in love you are, not just with one person but with life in general.

1. Purple Ombre Valentine’s Design

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we shouldn’t just stereotype it with red hearts and flowers. Aside from it being too mainstream it’s a bit too tacky and at times looks childish. You don’t want to shock your date on your first night so instead of going for a nail bed filled with hearts, you may start with this purple ombre design. This nail design will not only look sophisticated in every sense of the word but it will give your date the impression that you might be the one for him.

2. Love Is Around the Corner

The word love and Valentine’s is synonymous to one another and so painting your nails the word ‘LOVE’ instead of painting it with hearts will make it look less shabby. Using the same nail dipping powders LDS D06 I’m blushing for you and LDS D164 We could runaway as basecoat then paint the word LOVE in cursive on your nail using white DND gel and you are now ready to spread love to anyone. The secret to achieving the right basecoat for this is to create your own design in a paper towel then roll the nail over it instead of the usual coating using fan brush.

3. Salmon-Pink and Silver Embellishment

Silver film atop a salmon-pink basecoat, it’s sweet and simple just like you. This nail can also be worn even on normal days. Coat the nail bed using LDS D06 I’m blushing for you then accentuate it with silver foil in whichever way you want and let your nails speak for itself.

You can either paint your nails with one design or you can alternate the designs on each finger. The ombre design can be on the top and the other one is at the bottom, or you can play with it any way you want. These designs can also be worn on any length or shape of nails so you don’t have to worry even if you have short nails. Whether you wear it on your special Valentine’s date or your normal days, it doesn’t matter because it looks as picture-perfect anyways.