Over the years, there have been improvements in the nail industry. A transition from regular nail polish to gel manicures to exceptional nail art, there’s a unique way to express oneself using your fingers now. Nowadays, you’ll hardly see someone who isn’t obsessed with dip powder manicures. The name originates from its application because it involves applying an adhesive base to clean dry nails, then dipping the nails into a color powder made of high pigmented powder. When submerged and coated with a seal, various coats of this dip powder system give you a glossy finish.

Another interesting fact about dip powder nails is that they last longer than gel, are stronger, and don’t require any curing time under UV lights. If properly applied, the dip powder manicure can stay as long as three to four weeks without chipping and makes your natural nails stronger.

Kiara Sky nails doesn’t need any unique technique, unlike conventional acrylic or gel application. You can create a beautiful nail look without bringing a professional. Kiara Sky powder are often different colors and shades, so it’s not difficult to make a pick. These colors feature some of the latest styles and trends. Kiara Sky dip Powder is a high-quality dip powder brand manufactured in the US and is cruelty-free. This Kiara Sky dip nail colors different finishes and a perfect shade for everyone.

As a nail technician who wants to give clients a natural nail look that is also strong and lightweight, the Klara Sky nail dip powder is the best option for you. Kiara nail dip system has over 100+ colors that suit the Kiara Sky nail lacquer and gel, so you can give clients a dip powder that is color compatible.

How to apply Kiara Sky dip powder for a perfect finish

The first procedure is to apply a bond to the entire nail, then use the base to about three-quarters of the nail. Dip the nails immediately into natural powder. Next, apply a base to the whole nail. Dip the nail in Kiara sky dip color powder and repeat the dipping process in natural powder again. Apply the base coat to the entire nail and dip in clear powder. Make another application of the base coat and leave it completely air dry. Apply seal protection to the nails. Buff the nails and shape them, then request that clients wash their hands. After that, apply another layer of seal protect and wipe the nails till it is clean. Next, use the top coat and leave it to air dry for about two minutes before adding another topcoat layer to give excellent shine.

What makes Kiara Sky dip powder nails unique?

The Kiara Sky dip powder nails are long-lasting, with a glossy finish, and also versatile. Kiara Sky nail dip contains no harsh chemicals and is odorless and non-toxic. This product is mild on your skin and won’t cause any form of dryness or damage to your nail bed. It offers lasting nail finishing without chipping and excellent results. Also, it does not require UV light for curing. It is also very affordable and offers exceptional quality. The Kiara Sky dip powder nail formula contains calcium and vitamins with complex bonds that protect the manicure against discoloring, chipping, or lifting. With Kiara Sky dip colors, you save costs as it is affordable yet effective. Kiara Sky Dip powder is easy to use and follow, and the process doesn’t require LED or UV light for curing. The topcoat is shiny and durable.

Since the launching of the Kiara Sky dip powder collection, it has won the hearts of many. It is a safe and healthy alternative to acrylic and gel polish. It is easy to use and is perfect for French manicures for newbies.

How do you remove it?

Kiara Sky dip powder nails are very easy to remove using acetone. All you have to do is break the seal on your dip powder using a fine. It’s essential to remove the shine so that acetone can soak properly into your manicure and remove it. Once you file off the glow, you can apply acetone and hold a cotton ball soaked in acetone to your nails. Use a foil wrap to maintain it well. Allow the acetone wrap to stay on your nail for about 7-10 minutes. It’s easier to wipe off the dip powder now. If it doesn’t go off quickly, don’t file or peel it. Ensure you leave it to sit on your nails a bit longer till it goes off on its own. A typical Kiara Sky dip nail powder kit contains bond, base, top coat, seal protection, brush saver and nourish oil.


The Kiara Sky nail dipping system has all you need to create beautiful nail art and a fabulous French manicure. No matter the type of design you want, Kiara Sky nails are perfect for everyone. Bring out your beauty with Kiara Sky nails. It guarantees flawless finishes and the safety of your natural nails. Get Kiara Sky dip powder nails in your next salon visit, and you’ll be glad.