Sitting at home during the coronavirus pandemic can be depressing. In addition, the lockdowns can be intimidating as you do not have much to do outdoors. As a result, you can experience mood swings. While working at home and catching up on your Netflix movies is a good pastime that keeps you busy. However, painting your nails is also a therapeutic activity that can keep you occupied. Besides, do you know that you can experiment with DND polish colors to boost your moods? Yes, it acts as a calming influence and enhances your moods consciously and subconsciously. Here are some exciting gel DND colors to try out during these extended lockdowns.

Best DND Nail Polish Colors

The Classic Reds – Builds your confidence

Different Nail Polish Colors to Pep up Your Mood

Red is a universal favorite as a nail polish color. The classic aspect of the red shade is that you do not tire of having these colors as frequently as possible. The reds have a reputation for igniting love and passion and giving you a feeling of power. Besides making a powerful fashion statement, it makes you feel confident to face the world by bringing out your inner strength.

The Innocent Pinks – Almost childlike

Different Nail Polish Colors to Pep up Your Mood

While red epitomizes power and confidence, the lighter shades of pink provide a calming influence on people by emitting a soothing effect. Therefore, pink is the perfect color to have on your nails if you have a burning rage inside you. The lighter the coat, the more soothing is the experience. While red ignites passion, pinks bring out compassion and thus, introduce the element of joy in these troubled times.

The Beautiful Blues – Positivity at its best

Different Nail Polish Colors to Pep up Your Mood

As you spend more of your time at home during the coronavirus lockdowns, you can feel negativity creeping all over the place. The only way to overcome such thoughts is to enhance positive vibes. One way of doing so is to paint your nails in varying shades of blue. The beautiful blue gel DND colors promote rest and relaxation and enhance your intuitive thinking capacity. The blues are available in varying shades, from the lightest sky blue to the deepest of navy blues.

The Amazing Greens – Keeps you grounded

Different Nail Polish Colors to Pep up Your Mood

If one color symbolizes the spring season the best, it must be green. The green shade brings you close to nature and makes you feel calm and composed. Besides, green enhances your energy levels if you feel a bit sluggish. In addition, the green DND polish colors can rejuvenate you if you feel like connecting with the outside world. It helps you form an instant bond with people, especially as everyone suffers from lockdown isolation blues.

The Cheerful Yellows – Infuse energy

Different Nail Polish Colors to Pep up Your Mood

Yellow is the perfect color to cheer you up if you feel sad. It oozes happiness and makes you think with clarity. Depending on your mood swings, you have an exciting range of yellow hues to choose from. The brightest citrus yellows make you feel optimistic and energized to face any grim situation with absolute calmness of mind. If you feel low on energy, yellow is the way to go.

The Blooming Purples – A fashion statement

Different Nail Polish Colors to Pep up Your Mood

The purples represent fashion as you can paint your nails, lips, and eyelashes to look stunningly beautiful. The different shades of purple, from lilac to amethyst and violet to lavender, bring out the creative person from within you to make a forceful fashion statement. While purple is characterized by wisdom, happiness, and spirituality, it is the perfect gel DND color if you are looking for inspiration.

The Serene Grays – Light up your day

Different Nail Polish Colors to Pep up Your Mood

Generally, people associate gray with gloom and despair. However, it is not so because this contemporary hue has excellent qualities like being cozy and soothing. Thus, it makes the entire environment serene. Moreover, when the going is tough, the gray tone introduces the perfect sense of balance and makes you reason. Besides, the gray shade looks excellent on all skin tones.

The White – Pristine glory

Different Nail Polish Colors to Pep up Your Mood

White has the reputation of being the purest of all colors. It is the ideal shade to have on your nails when you feel let down during the coronavirus lockdown. The pristine whites can spruce up your moods and take your energy levels to their zenith. Besides, white allows you to try out various designs like the French manicures. The white background is best for your nail art designs. In short, white is the color to go for if you wish to drive out boredom and monotony from your lives.

Final Thoughts

No one can deny that the lockdowns imposed by governments because of the coronavirus pandemic can affect our mental health. The ideal way to energize your moods and spruce up the excitement factor is to paint your nails with enticing DND polish colors. We have discussed attractive options that you can try and boost your morale.