Let’s be honest. It’s a pain to sweep and mop your tile every day. You know it needs it, but you just don’t have the time. That’s why you purchased the pattern that you did. It hides the dirt, the crumbs, and the pet hair. But you don’t have to live like this any longer. There is an inexpensive solution just waiting for you to discover it.

Robot Vacuum

Remember those times you wish you could hire a cleaning service? Now you can. Robot vacuums have decreased in price to the point where they are affordable for the average family. In fact, it costs less than a dollar a day over the course of less than a year to buy one. And you’d pay at least a dollar for someone to clean your floor, wouldn’t you?

Since you can schedule it to run whenever you like, a robotic vacuum will save you time and effort. You can run errands while it’s hard at work. Plus, some robot vacuums are capable of wet-mopping, not just sweeping. Just imagine how nice it will be to have a spotless floor.

We reviewed some of the best robotic vacuums in our article about vacuum cleaners for tile floors. And here are a few tips on how to choose the best one for your home.

First, all robots clean better on bare floors than on carpet. If you want a robotic vacuum that has good suction on carpet, you’ll want to choose one of the high-end models like the Samsung POWERbot.

Next, the robots that can wet-mop your floor will need you to be present to exchange the dust collection bin for a water tank.

Finally, take into account whether you prefer controlling the robot with a remote or an app on your smartphone. Typically, the Wi-Fi connected robots cost a little more but come with the ability to install updates. They can also send you a notification when their work is done.