There are guidelines and procedures to follow either by a nail care technician/oneself before you start to apply the OPI’s gel paint colors on your nail. OPI nail lacquers include blacks, rose gold, purples, blues, pinks, green, orange, and brown.

Application Tips to follow:

A manicurist must access customer nails to know if the nail is eligible to absorb the gel paint.

Shake the gel polish color vigorously for a minute to know that the gel polish is original.

A smooth slim coat must be used to prep the nails and cover the free nail edges but don’t touch the cuticle sides.

Keep under the multi Curing LED light for thirty seconds.

Once again, shake the desired OPI gel polish color for a minute.

Put two slim coats on the nail, leaving a small line in the cuticle area. To avoid shrinkage, ensure to cover the natural nail.

Dry each coat under the double LED lamp for thirty seconds. 

Shake the shiny gel polish top coat color vigorously for a minute.

Use the LED lamp to cure again for thirty seconds.

Use saturated nail wipes to clean all gel residue.

Generally, two significant reasons can cause your nails to stay wet for an extended period:


If you applied too much of this gel polish on the nails, it would affect the light from drying the polish and cause the polish to be hard on nails.

Therefore you must ensure that you didn’t apply too much of this gel polish to the nail.

Despite the LED light, if you don’t use non-acetone/alcohol wipes to clean the base coat.

The base coat will make the nails ridged and helps to seal the polish to the nail.

Gel leftover

What is the gel remnant that gummed on your nail?

The gel remnant on the nail is also known as “inhibition layers.” The remnant happens on the nails because the oxygen prevents the air that supposes to cure the nail under the LED light.

Ideally, the gel polish remnant must be wiped off from the topcoat but not from all nail gel polish layers. Immediately you apply the other polish layers on your nail; it will cure the polish /topcoat remnant, while the gummed remnant will help to seal the layers completely.

How can you remove the gummed gel polish remnant?

Since you already have a cured gel nail, you must detach all the remnants gummed on the nail; if you don’t do this, it will shorten your nails and affect the nail look.

Following are the four steps to get rid of any leftover gel on the nail

Alcoholic based Isopropyl

The use of alcoholic base Isopropyl is the most trending, inexpensive, and effective way to eliminate any tacky layers on the gel topcoat. The alcohol will work to clean off the uncured gel polish. However, during the run, there is inflation in the price of the alcoholic base wipes.

The alcoholic wipes are soaked with seventy percent of Isopropyl alcohol, and it comes in different sealed packets. It would help if you unsealed the packet when you want to use it to clean your nails. The wipes are hygienic, professional-looking, perfect, and convenient, serving all nails and customers.

Gel cleansers

The gel cleansers are a chemical formed to help the gummed/ tacky layer on the Polish dissolve; before you put your nail polish, you can use it to get rid of any oil moisture on the nail plate to have a neat and better nail adhesion.

Gel cleansers are costlier than alcohol wipes but much more useful than alcohol wipes.

Non- acetone nail polish cleaner

Use a little quantity of acetone-free nail polish detacher to wipe away the tacky nail polish. You can use this method if you don’t have the gel cleanser and the alcoholic soaked wipes.

Put a little quantity of the non-acetone nail polish detacher and a cotton swab to wipe off the tacky nail areas. To prevent weak gel nail care, you must use a small quantity of the non-acetone polish detacher.

Do not use acetone endowed polish detacher to clean the sticky nail layer to prevent nail weaklings and cracking.

A Do-It-Yourself (DIY) gel wiper

This idea is a suggested idea to use to get rid of the sticky polish on the nails. Ideally, you can use some high alcohol chemicals such as body spray, Lysol, and hand sanitizer to wipe off the sticky nail areas.

This idea might not work well, Like the Isopropyl gel cleanser method, and it might shatter your nail care.


A clean and un- touch alcohol-cotton must be used to clean the nails. This cotton must be detached immediately after use. Avoid using a cotton swab to Clean two nails at a time to keep your nails neat and give a shiny look.

To also prevent the sticky area from touching the other nails. Now you can choose to use a  topcoat if you wish to keep the tacky nail layers.